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Friday, September 20, 2013

Velvet Moustache - love at first sight!

Velvet Moustache - does this name sounds familiar to you?
Maybe you've already seen their eco-friendly/ decorative/ playful animal cushions?

After my studies in fashion design, I was looking for some little freelance contracts & came across this Montreal based company. I totally fell in love with their vision, aesthetic & designs! I got in touch with Majorie, the highly talented woman behind the brand, and was lucky enough to do a few little contracts for her! I got to know her & her company, and let me tell you, my admiration now has no limits for her! It so inspiring to see local artists grow their business with so much passion (and hard work!) like she does.

When Livia was born, I bought the Owl cushion for her nursery. She totally loves it & sleeps with it every single night ever since!
So now that Logan is here, it was only a matter of time before he got his very own Velvet Moustache cushion. This time around, I had a hard time choosing which design I wanted to bring back home because there are so many to choose from & they are all adorable. We ended up choosing the Fox, as a tribute to my lovely little redhead baby boy!
On Wednesday, we did a little field trip and visited Velvet Moustache's HQ! Isn't this wall of cushions impressive? (and you don't even see the entire wall here!)

You can buy your very own Velvet Moustache cushion on their website! Go take a look!
And tell me, what's your favorite design?

Talk to you soon!

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