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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Morning rituals

During my pregnancy, on weekends, Livia used to crawl into our bed to cuddle under the sheets & watch some cartoons before going downstairs to eat breakfast! I loved our little morning ritual...but lately (mostly since Logan has arrived now that I think about it) she won't come into our bed like she used to...and I totally miss our lazy morning starts...especially now that we don't really have any schedule, now that we can totally enjoy our family time, even on week days!
Yesterday morning, after a rough night with Logan, I was totally pleased when she came up to me, gave me a kiss & snuggled up into bed with me! I asked if she wanted to watch cartoons with me & she said yes! And guess what?... This morning too! Happiness can be made of lots of things...little things like lazy mornings in bed with my 2 babies! :)
Him sitting on my laps...
Her cuddling my arm...

Do you have any morning rituals with your little ones?

Feel free to share in the comment section!
Have a good one!

1 comment:

  1. Darwin usually wakes up and comes into bed with me too :) After a few minutes of snuggling he climbs down and gets some books to bring me to read to him so we stay under the covers for a while reading books and talking. Sweet moments.


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