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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Uh oh!

Uh oh!!! Uh oh!...
 I don't know how many times we've heard this this weekend!
Those are like Livia's new favorite words! Uh oh!!!
Lately, she's been like a real sponge, taking in every information, analyzing everything we say, trying to repeat after us...

It all started when we came home to this:

We said "Uh oh!" when we noticed that the dog had chewed her xylophone...then she kept repeating and pointing at her xylophone!

After that, we heard "Uh oh!" when she showed us the palm of her hand, blue from the marker that she had destroyed... "Uh oh!" when she spilled all of the rabbit food on the floor... "Uh oh!" when she drew on the table instead of the HUGE sheet of paper I had given her..."Uh oh!" when she "accidentally" (yeah right!) dropped her dinner on the floor....

But I have to admit...each and every times she said those 2 words, it was simply the cutest thing ever! :)

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy times!

Today was a good day!
Even though the weather was a bit uncertain, we decided to go enjoy some apple picking and we had a great time, just the 3 of us! It started raining lightly just when we were about to leave, so we had time to fill up our baskets, run after the chickens (we'll we didn't actually ran after them, Livia did!), buy some fresh apple juice and a pie (yeah, I cheated, I bought one directly at the orchard simply because a) it looked good & b) I didn't have any dough ready to make one tonight... but I swear I'll make some soon!)

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring our camera ( I usually bring it almost everywhere, but I guess we just left in a hurry because we didn't want to get caught by the rain!) so below pictures were taken with our Iphones...

Livia liked the chickens!
1st freshly picked apple!
What a windy day! Haha! Nice hairdo honey! ;)
Can't get enough of those apples!
Our 1st basket
This picture was taken at the exact same place about a year ago...time flies by so fast! I just can't believe how little she was!!! And how tired I looked! Haha! ;)

I'm planning to cook some of these apples as I do every year... apple butter, apple crumble (our classic), apple sauce...
What is your favorite apple recipe? Any classics you do from year to year?

Keep in touch!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ok, so far, this week has been really exciting! :)

You know when they said that everything would turn out fine...THEY WERE RIGHT!
Who are they?  Colleagues, friends, it!
The new job is simply amazing! I know it has only been 3 days and the honeymoon might not last forever, but let's face it, there are more pros than cons to this new job of mine! And that's perfect! :)

Great team, lovely people, lots of creative tasks which I absolutely adore!
A great space, flexible hours (you know what? I've been able to arrive home around 5:15 - 5:30 pm which seems too good to be true!) Gives us much more family time which is absolutely priceless! Let's just say that I'm really grateful this opportunity came my way!

Simply wanted to take a few minutes to share all the excitement with you guys!
Anything exciting on your side this week?

Gotta go now, there's a big pile of cloth diapers waiting to be folded!

Take  care!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Proper introduction!

As you might know, I opened my 2nd Etsy shop about a month ago...I talked a bit about it here & here, but just realized that I didn't properly introduce my new shop & new product line to you guys!

So I decided to tell you a bit more about this project of mine, dear to my heart! :)
Working in fashion design for about 6 years, I've had a chance to develop my graphic skills! I love fun & whimsical graphic design, and I enjoy using those skills outside of work too...This idea of a 2nd shop offering printables came to me when I created the party invitation for my baby girl's 1st birthday (which I shared in this previous blog post). One of my good friend then asked my to design a party invitation for her son's 2nd birthday...I really have fun creating these, so why not open a shop!

Here are a few of my favorite models currently available in the shop

Birth announcement
Birth announcement
Baby shower invitation
Baby shower invitation
Birth announcement

I want the increase my selection, but simply haven't had time lately to create more templates...custom orders from the 1st shop are keeping me busy busy! :) But I have absolutely no problem taking custom orders for the printables too! Creating a unique design that fits your style is what it's all about!

I have a few ideas  for additional models I'd like to develop...but I'm just curious...Any of you have suggestions of themes I should work on? Your input is always valuable! Gets my creativity going! :)

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh dear Jamie...

I totally LOVE to cook....
I absolutely LOVE Jamie Oliver...

And when Jamie asks his fans to send him pictures for his next book, I totally LOVE the concept!
What a cool idea! Last weekend, on his FB page, Jamie was asking people to share pictures of their favorite places to get their fruits & vegetables...their own garden, their favorite green grocery, their farmer's market...I couldn't help to share some pics of my own backyard garden & homegrown good eats! How cool would it be to see one of my pics in Jamie's next book! :)
My lil' pumpkin just can't get enough of our backyard blueberries
Homegrown, organic blueberries
But there were so many great pictures sent from fans all over the world...I simply have no clue how they'll be able to narrow down their selection! These are a real feast...for the eyes! Enjoy! :)
My friend's lovely twins at work!

Freshly picked figs, Portugal
Peas in a the amazing colors!
Love peppers!
Organic heirloom tomatoes
Where it all begins!

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the end, everything will be OK...

You know what they say... "In the end, everything will be OK"
These words are never fun to hear when going through tough times...but afterwards, when you think about it, these wise words always turnout to be true! :)

Like most of you must already know, a few weeks ago, I learned that the whole design department where I'm currently working would be relocated in Europe at the end of the year. I was lucky enough to have plenty of time ahead of me to figure out what I wanted to do next... but then, all of a sudden, a new opportunity presented itself!

I'm glad to say that in 2 weeks, I will be starting a new job! :) I truly think that the new challenges ahead of me will be like a breath of fresh air! And I'm hoping that this new job will get my creative juices going & will give me plenty of new ideas & things to blog about!

A chapter of my life is soon ending, but a new, exciting one is about to begin!
Cheers to changes!

Take good care!

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