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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What we've been up to...

Too busy to write a real post...
Just enough time to share a few pictures of our life lately...

Here's what we've been up to these last few weeks...
Eating food that tastes like Summer
Drooling over my new custom rings (YES! Baby #2 finally has a name!)
Enjoying lazy mornings in bed (can't wait to be on mat leave to get more of these!)
Starting to work on Livia's toddler room
Catching bubbles

Drinking yummy strawberry water!

Baking amazing muffins (recipe available here in French!)
Making quick & easy bow headbands
Chillin by the playhouse (these 2...what more can I say! I feel blessed when looking at this picture!)
Picking daisies in the backyard
Enjoying perfect blue skies

**All pictures are from my Instagram account, if you care to join me! :) **

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Growth chart a.k.a. the coolest Pinterest project I've ever tackled!

A while ago, I’ve came across those cool growth charts that looked like oversized rulers, and I totally fell in love! One more project on my “amazing Pinterest projects to-do list”…you know that list of all the projects you want to tackle but probably will never have the time to? Please tell me I’m not the only one with such a list?!?!

But guess what? Last week, since I was on vacation, I’ve had time to create my own growth chart and I’m so so proud of the result! Couldn’t seriously be happier about it!
My supervisor!
1st coat of stain
Right next to our living room for everyone to see
I totally love the result!
I’ve used this DIY tutorial which, in my opinion, was the more detailed & easy to follow. In fact, the project itself isn’t that difficult…and it only cost me about 20$ for all the supplies! Can’t wait to mark Livia’s height for the first time…if I could only find the damn white Sharpie marker I’m looking for!

UPDATE: We've actually measured Livia since she wanted to & was so intrigued by the chart!
Livia is this tall! (but I still need to find a white marker!)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

From 1 to 2…

I’m an only child...
My boyfriend comes from a family of three, three boys...

I’ve never known what sibling’s love could be like, though I know for sure it exists…but as the days go by, I can’t help but wonder how will Livia react to the arrival of her baby brother…and what will their relationship be like as they’ll grow up! She felt her baby brother move for the 1st time about 2 weeks ago & my heart simply melted! She now talks about her baby brother & even says his name…and each & every time, it feels special to know I’m going to be THEIR mother.

I'm also often wondering how will I be able to love both of my kids equally…Might sounds weird at first, but I’m sure many other moms have had similar thoughts when pregnant with their second child! Don’t get me wrong, we are super excited to be having a second baby, and I KNOW that I will love this little man with all my heart…but I’ve spent the last 2 years giving ALL of my motherly love to Livia…and soon, the huge place she has in my heart will be shared with somebody else…Will I be able to love them both as much as they deserve to be loved? Will I be able to be the best mom I can be for them?

I once read somewhere that “being a parent is the equivalent as having your heart out of your body all the time, walking around”…that couldn’t be less true, so I guess that, after my baby boy’s birth, I’ll simply feel like I now have 2 hearts!

Have a lovely day you guys!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Love at first sight...?

As I'm getting bigger & bigger, I tend to get a bit nostalgic & remember some of the important events that took place in my life in the last 2 years...the most important being Livia's birth.
I can remember almost each & every details, like if it happened just a few days ago!

Our 1st ever mother-daughter pic
I've had this discussion once with a friend... this is not something I've talked about a lot....

When I was pregnant with Livia, I ALWAYS thought that I would cry like a baby when I would get to finally meet her...but it didn't happen! Don't get me wrong, I was totally filled with joy & it was a pretty emotional moment...but there were no tears. That night, when my boyfriend left the hospital to come back home & that I had some time alone with my newly born daughter, I spent a few hours watching her sleep... and I remember thinking to myself "Am I normal? I didn't cry like I thought I would..."

I can't really find the exact word to express how I felt at this very moment... A part of me was almost ashamed, because I sincerely thought that giving birth would instantly result in love at first sight... I knew I loved her, how couldn't I...she was mine. MY daughter...I kept repeating this in my head, guess it all felt so surreal! I felt like I was looking at a little person that I was only beginning to know...she was mine, she had grown in my belly for 9 months, yet, she was like a little stranger, peacefully sleeping right next to me.

Looking back on all of this, I'm sure that many other moms felt the same way when they meet their little ones or the 1st time. Becoming a mom (the first time around at least) is like jumping head first into the unknown. I don't know how I'll react this time around when I'll get to meet my lil' buddy...will I cry? Maybe, maybe not...But one thing's for sure, I now know that I don't have to feel ashamed, because my love for my kids will only get stronger & stronger each & every long as I live! And THAT my friend is a sure thing! :)

Keep in touch!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Don't mind the mess...Can you?

At least, that what they say! But it's easier said than done, right?

I've been sharing some of these "messy" pics on Instagram, mainly because I think that most mom could relate, and that reading comments letting me know this was a typical scene in many other houses made me fell...better?

I also had to share a picture of our living room all cleaned-up right before Livia's 2nd birthday...because you absolutely need a picture to remember what colors are your floors! ;)

I know that once you have kids, if you want to keep your sanity (or at least a tiny bit of your sanity!), it's better to let go a bit & forget about the perfect squeaky clean house...but when you stand in the middle of your living room wondering if your house is the HQ of Apocalypse or something like that, it can get pretty nerve wracking!

Maybe it seems worse these days because I'm getting bigger & bigger, and picking things off the floor is not as easy as it used to be... or maybe it's because I'm starting to wonder what our living room (hum...entire main floor actually since emptying my cupboards seems to be one of Livia's favorite games lately!) will look like with 2 kiddos?!?! Or maybe both...

Anyhow, I need to find a way to make Livia understand that, when she's done playing with some toys, she needs to put them away & clean up her mess before taking out more toys...and that task too is easier said than done! But there must be a certain age where a kid should understand this concept, right? Am I dreaming in color?

How do you cope with the mess? Are you like me, thinking it's almost cute one day, but then it makes you go crazy the next?

Print by LivyLoveDesigns, available on Etsy

At least, I like to think that this saying is right! :)

Have a great week you guys! 

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