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Monday, September 2, 2013

Don't deny it...

Do you have any issues with your kids when it comes to napping?

A few months ago, Livia has decided she simply didn't want to nap anymore when we're home. At day care, no problem! On the road, during a car ride, no problem either! But at home...FORGET IT!

Even when she's clearly tired, if you simply pronounce the word "nap" in front of her, BE AWARE!!! She will put up a fight... then, when you'll be cooking dinner, she will most probably fall asleep on the couch & be the grumpiest little person when you will wake her up!

Last week, she woke up really early & was starting to be really cranky, crying for no reasons so I told her she needed a little rest & would feel better afterwards! She ended up crying & yelling in her bedroom for about 45 minutes before FINALLY falling asleep! Let me tell you, this kind of behavior drives me nuts... it's sooooo exhausting! (Especially when all I wanted to do that day was to take a nap with my baby boy after the rough night we had!)

2 days ago, she kept fighting & didn't want to nap (same old story!)...and my boyfriend finally caught her sleeping on the powder room floor! What the hell?!?! When you end up falling asleep on the floor (especially in the powder room or bathroom) you CLEARLY are tired! Don't deny it!

Anyhow, the reason I'm writing those lines is because yesterday was kind of epic! At least for me as a mom! Haha! I've been able to convinced her to take a nap with me & her baby brother, in my bed! She didn't complain & even slept for almost 2 hours! A dream come true, I tell you! (even though I only slept about 30 minutes because Logan woke up to be fed...a power nap is better than no nap at all, right!) Her nap seriously made all the difference in the world! Her behavior & attitude throughout the day was way more pleasant than usual!
 Today is a rainy day... perfect for a family nap, all cuddled up! Will I be able to convince her once again? Wish me luck! ;)

Have a lovely day!

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