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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Next year, I promise...

November 28th already...I can hardly believe it!

December is just around the corner & I have to face the fact that the handmade/ diy advent calendar ideas I had will have to wait for Christmas 2013! I simply didn't have time to tackle this little project of mine (like many others in fact!)...and I'm kinda trying to convince myself that my little pumpkin is still too little to really understand the whole concept around the countdown till Christmas... Next year, I'll make the greatest advent calender!

Anyway, even though it's a last minute post, I decided to share some of my inspiration with you guys! Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have plenty of free time in the next few days to create your very own advent calendar...who knows! :)

This idea is pretty neat! Love the cute washi tape, great project to make with the kiddos!
Martha Stewart's version could easily be made with little baby socks! So cute!
This is sooooooooo cute & original! But you need to dedicate a little table to the advent calendar...but I think it's worth it, makes a great addition to any Holiday decor!
This calendar is really sweet & simple! Love the pop of color inside the envelopes!
Love this idea, but it's much more time consuming to create!  I think I would do it in fun , non-traditional color scheme though...maybe with a mix of cute little patterns...stripes, polkadot, gingham...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 days left...

30 days left before Christmas, that's right!

Yesterday, we went shopping for some outdoor Christmas decorations & I have to admit, I'm slowly starting to feel the Christmas spirit! :)

Our pretty front door!
It's a first for us, we've never had outdoor decorations fact, last year, we had our very 1st Christmas tree...I guess that's because we felt that, now that we have a little one, we have to start building our own Christmas traditions & memories!

I've also discussed Livia's gift with my boyfriend & we decided to get her this cute mini-kitchen from Ikea.

Actually, I have TONS of pins on my Pinterest boards for the cutest DIY mini-kitchens...but who am I kidding...I'll simply never have time to create one before Christmas...we are simply too busy around here!
This one from  The Farmer's Nest blog is made out of old nightstands 

This one from  MC Baby Bump 3 blog is made out of an old TV unit
And here's another converted TV unit from Fresh Cut Flours blog

I even got my boyfriend's approval to rearrange our living room to allow some space for:
A) a Christmas tree (last year, Livia was so little, she didn't have as much toys & stuff scattered around our living room so it was easier to squeeze in a Christmas tree...but now, the living room was feeling so cramped, I really don't know where we would have put a tree if we hadn't rearrange our living space!)
B) Livia's future mini-kitchen (because as you know, we still have an unfinished basement, which you've probably hear me complain about here & there on the blog....but hey, that's another story!)

 Soooo, I was so excited about the mini-kitchen, I started browsing the web for the cutest play food...because no mini-kitchen is complete without play food! Thought I could share my amazing finds with you because there are so many! Here we go:

Felt pasta! What a cute idea, I'll definitely need to make some. via A Happy Nest blog (she also has other felt food tutorials such as this felt cookie set )
Strawberry milk from The Felted Pear via Etsy
This sushi set is probably one of my absolute fave! from Creation by M via Etsy

The perfect set for tea time! You'll find the tutorial on Lil Blue Boo blog
Gotta love this popcorn set from Fairview Pl via Etsy
And what about these gorgeous donuts from The Felt Chef via Etsy?
We all scream for ice cream...especially when it's from Eva Lauryn via Etsy!
Enough with the treats...Fruits & Vegetables are important for an healthy diet!;) These yummy veggies are also from Eva Lauryn via Etsy

Ad if you're feeling crafty but don't know where to start, you can always buy affordable PDF pattern & instructions for set like this one from Fairy Fox via Etsy
This list could really go on forever...but I've got to get going! ;)
Hoping it gave you cool ideas for Christmas gifts!

Have a good one guys!
Take care!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maid please!

This night, I dreamed that we had a maid & our house was squeaky clean...then I woke up, went downstairs & realized that unfortunately, it was just a dream...

The house is a mess...a total mess...ALL THE TIME!
It never seems to end!!!!
There is dog hair (and rabbit hair too!) on the floor, not matter how long ago you vacuumed...3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days...doesn't make much of a difference!
There are also toys ALL OVER the place! If only we could finish the basement to create a nice playroom for Livia...things would be different!
There is always a pile of laundry to be folded or dishes to be cleaned...
And what can I say about my "temporary sewing/craft space" in the dinning room!!! I know you've heard about it (it's been "temporary" for almost a year now)! Might be one of the biggest mess with all the piles of fabrics, the baskets of ribbons & other materials scattered here & there! But then again, until we have a finish basement, I don't get to have my own craft space, so I have to make use of the space the kitchen/dining room!!! Arrrrggghhh!

Unfortunately, a maid is REALLY not on top of our financial priorities right now, so I guess I'll have to keep dreaming! But please tell me that you too sometimes feel like you're living in a zoo? Haha!

PS: You'll understand that this is a picture-free post...because it's simple too messy & too embarrassing to share! ;)

Have a lovely day!
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Giveaway!...Yep, that's right!

A few weeks ago, I've been asked to review a new Disney Christmas movie which will be coming out on November 20th! :) On top of that, Disney will be offering an extra copy of the Blu-Ray + DVD combo for one of you to win! How cool is that?

I received my copy a few days ago & watched it with my daughter!You should have seen her! She was really enjoying herself, especially when the actors when singing & dancing! :) She danced like any 18 months old would (which is in a very weird/ funny way! haha!) What kiddo wouldn't like a movie including Santa Claus, Christmas songs & cute talking puppies & dogs? I know for a fact that my daughter did enjoy watching the cute little puppies! She kept pointing & laughing & hum...barking! Made me laugh real hard! :)

 The story is about 4 puppies (Santa Paw's offspring...Santa Claus, Santa Paws...Get it? Haha!) wanting to prove they are responsible enough to become great Santa's helpers. They end up in a town well known for it's amazing Christmas spirit, but this year, unfortunately, the Christmas spirit is fading away, the unwanted spell spreading like a bad cold! The puppies will have to find a way to reverse the spell & save Christmas! Here's the trailer:

So if you'd like to be the lucky winner, all you have to do is leave a comment for this post below (with a valid email address for me to contact you if you ever win!) OR like this post about the Giveaway on my Facebook page! The winner will be announced on November 14th!
Once again, good luck to you all! :)

**Please note that all above comments & opinions are my own (and I'm also talking on behalf of my daughter, of course!)**


November 14th:

Drum roll please....
And the winner is...
Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy birthday to me...and a gift for you!

Today is my 26th birthday!!!
To celebrate, I decided to do a little giveaway!

For your chance to win one of these pacifier clips, all you have to do is like my Facebook page & share the giveaway post on your timeline! Easy peasy!

The winner will be announced on Saturday (November 10th) and will get to choose the model he or she prefers! :)
Shipping is on the house!
Good luck to you all!


November 10th:

Drum roll please....
And the winner is...
Thanks to everyone who participated!

(Please note that the draw has been made using
Keep an eye peeled for another contest coming up this weekend! Let's just say it has something to do with...Christmas!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wanna be friends?

Today, I wanted to share some love.
Love for awesome people I've met online via Etsy. Since I've started selling on Etsy, I've met so many nice people!!! Some of them were clients, other were fellow Etsy sellers...

I've realized that it's amazing how Internet can allow you to connect with people you've never met! They might be living nearby, or they might live across the ocean, but either way, I strongly feel that it's possible to get to know people who share the same passion & interests & build relationships with them...all of that in front of your computer! I truly think this is amazing! Don't you?

I'd like to introduce you to 3 fellow Etsy sellers I've met online, 3 lovely ladies with whom I enjoy chatting for time to time! We 've actually never met in person, but we sometimes end up having conversations like we've known each other for quite some time...I don't know how to explain!

Anna from Big Bird's Boutique

I discovered Anna's Etsy shop when I came across this fab floor cushion!
Floor cushion
 Isn't it amazing! This is one talented woman!
After her mat leave, Anna decided quit her job to dedicate herself full time to her business and I totally admire her for that! Here are a few of the items currently available in her Etsy shop, go take a look, there's even more to it!

Birds wings/ costume
Baby ruffle pants
Foldable travel playmat
 Anna, your rock! Wish you lots of success, I know you'll go far! ;) xx

Marie-Hélène from Spaghettis

I was shopping on Etsy for a cute Summer bucket hat for my daughter because I couldn't find anything that I liked in the "mainstream" shops...and I totally fell in love with this hat.
Polkadot Summer hat
When I contacted Marie-Hélène to complete the order, I met the most kind woman! We chatted a bit, and since she knew that my daughter's 1st birthday was coming up, she included a cute little headband in our parcel! How sweet of her, what a kind gesture! She has so many cute items in her shop, it's truly worth a look!
Simone, the cutest bunny EVER!

Sensory taggie blanket
Diaper & Wipes Clutch
Marie, we truly need to get together for a coffee or hot chocolate sometimes! Take good care! xx

Émilie from Orange & Coco

I discovered Émilie's creations via Facebook this time (word of mouth), but quickly noticed that she was also an Etsy seller! Her wooden creations for babies are so adorable! Wish I had discovered her shop when I was decorating my daughter's nursery! I'll probably be ordering one of her awesome baby mobile when I'll have a 2nd baby room to decorate! ;)
Wooden teether/ rattle
Baby mobile
nursery wall art
Pacifier clip
I totally love her listings pictures, she has some great photography skills! She was even kind enough to take some pictures of my quiet book & share them on her lovely blog!

Émilie, thanks for being my "virtual friend" like you said! ;) Best of luck to you with all your great projects! xx

Talk to you soon you guys!

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