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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What we've been up to...

I haven't been around lately because things have been a bit hectic around here... I've been meaning to write a little post, but when I was about to sit down to do so, my computer failed! :(  Let me tell you, I totally felt like crying! My laptop is now at the Apple store & my fingers have been crossed ever since, truly hoping they will be able to fix the problem & that my computer is not simply DEAD!
Meanwhile, I thought I could do a quick post using my Iphone (Thank God for Iphones, it has proven to be pretty useful these last few days!) Here a glimpse at what we've been up to last week...
I helped Livia make her very 1st bracelet...and less than 24hr later, it was already lost...typical!

We ran some errands & I enjoyed my 1st Pumpkin Spice Latte! Sooooo good!
I took Livia to the library for the 1st time (ok, I had already brought her when I was on mat leave, but it doesn't really count, she was a few months old & always sleeping in her stroller!)
Even though October was right around the corner, we were lucky enough to enjoy some nice & warm weather! Perfect for walks, playground fun & smoothies!
Hope you're all having a nice week! 
Talk to you soon (hopefully via my repaired lap top!)
Take care!

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