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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Montessori take 2

Last week, as I explained here, I figured out it would be nice to include some Montessori activities for Livia in our schedule, a few times a week! She had so much fun with the color sorting activity, I decided to search the web for some inspiration for additional activities.

I came across some memory game made especially for toddlers. I found a few made of wood, but thought it could be neat to make a prototype out of fabric. I used felt & cotton woven printed fabric to create this quick prototype (only 8 pieces) while Livia was napping last Sunday. Turned out to be a hit!

I shared some pictures on my Facebook page & Instagram account and the vibe was pretty good, so yesterday, I decided to create my very 1st Montessori inspired fabric memory game! This 1st model includes 14 pieces made with 7 different fabric. It's pretty neutral so I think both boys & girls will enjoy it!

I'll continue brainstorming some Montessori inspired ideas...and will keep you posted for sure! ;)

Have a lovely day!

PS: I have a brand new Instagram account totally dedicated to CUTIFULbaby! :)
I'll be sharing pictures of new items available for sale, so keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


The last few months have been very busy & kind of ectic around least, that's how I feel!
I'm already halfway through my pregnancy & things just seem to go faster than ever... Lately, I've had a hard time dealing with the fact that I wasn't able to keep up with my Etsy shops...I felt like I was letting things go, like I wasn't dedicating as much time as usual or as much as I would have wanted to to my little business! When you put so much hard work into something you love & you're proud of, it's kinda hard to accept that sometimes, IT'S ALRIGHT to take a little break, to slow things down a little...

It's alright if there are only a few items left in your shop even though you have hundreds of ideas fighting one another in your's alright to take time for yourself, to relax in a hot bath after work or go to bed early if you feel like you need to instead of doing late night sewing like you were used to!

With our busy schedules ( and I'm sure many of you parents will understand exactly what I'm talking about!) it gets so easy to "spend" less time with our kiddos...I mean, I "spend" time with Livia, but running errands or being next to her in the living room while she plays by herself and I fold laundry is not what I call quality time...I've realized that I was often too busy with everything else that I didn't take as much time as I used to to simply sit down with her and actually play WITH her!

That being said, I decided that I wanted to start trying some Montessori activities with Livia on a weekly basis! Today, we tried out our 1st color sorting activity & it was a big hit!

She did this like a champ! Proud mama's moment!

More color sorting on the couch after dinner!

Montessori fun from Vanessa Giguere on Vimeo.

She had a lot of fun & I had fun too watching her play & learn all at once! In the end, all we needed was a few colored bowls with matching color items : fridge alphabet magnets, building blocks, crayons, plastic utensils...

 Margaux, a blogger friend, also recommended this amazing blog with plenty of ideas for Montessori activities! It's called How we Montessori and I'm pretty sure it will be a great source of inspiration in the upcoming weeks!

Wish you all a great Sunday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's a girl.... NO, wait! ... It's A BOY!!!!

Last Friday, I had my 2nd ultrasound & to our great surprise, we are having a baby boy!

When I say surprise, it was quite a surprise...for about 10 minutes, we thought we were having a girl according to what to technician had told us! I was already brainstorming names in my head when she suddenly yelled "OMG! Wait a minute...I'm so wrong, this is absolutely NOT a girl!"
I laughed so hard, I literally thought my bladder was going to explode (any pregnant woman knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Drink 750ml in 15 minutes & wait about 2 hours... ;) )

Anyhow! We are pretty excited about this little boy! And all weekend long, it felt as if I was on my little cloud, thinking about names, browsing Etsy for cute baby boy items, making a list of what we'll have to buy... I even made my very 1st boy could I have resisted? Aren't they cute!

I love Little Hip Squeaks, Amy is one of these amazing momtrepreneur who totally rocks & who I totally admire! Her Etsy shop is filled with the most lovely prints you'll ever see!

 Really hope this little boy of mine will give me plenty of inspiration for boy items! :)

Have a good night you guys!
Talk to you soon!

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