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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1 month

Dear Logan,

Already a month has passed by since you came into our lives! Words can't explain how happy, proud & grateful I am to be your mom! We are still getting to know each other, yet it almost feels like you've always been part of our lives! Sometimes you make the funniest little faces & you remind me so much of your sister! You love to be held and I totally love it when you're in my arms, just staring & smiling at me! You also started staring at your sister, as if you were already looking up to her! I'm so blessed to witness this new relationship growing up between you two!
The 1st monthly pic of a serie I plan on doing

Dear Livia,

The last month must have been a real roller coaster for you! We've had our ups & downs, but I can proudly say that there were a lot more ups than anything else! It's a real pleasure to see how thoughtful & caring you are towards your new little brother. When he cries & you simply stop whatever you're doing to sing him a just melts my heart, everytime! I know you already love him, I can totally see it in your eyes when you look at him. I know for a fact that you'll be an amazing big sis and I can now say that all my worries have totally disappeared! I'm so proud of you!
She doesn't like to see him cry...

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