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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sounds good to my ears...

Today, we went to the nicest backyard party organized by some good friends!
We really had a blast! The food was delicious, the weather was nice, people were friendly & welcoming...and on top of that we had a little private acoustic show by the cute group I've just discovered called Jolie Jumper.
Jolie Jumper 1st EP cover

Really loved their style & the girls have such harmonious voices...
It's really refreshing, the perfect little soundtrack for Summer time!
Their first EP album has been officially launched in May, it includes 6 sweet songs, both in French & English. It is also available on i tunes.

From left to right: Victoria, Audrey & Marie-Claude

Going to bed soon...we have another quite busy schedule tomorrow! Another party, more friends & a family gathering! Hooray for Summer!!! :)

Keep in touch!
Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Too many ideas, too little time!

Look what I found in the mailbox when I came back from work...

It's my Spoonflower color chart my friends!!! Yay!!! :)
I ordered it a while ago, had almost forgotten about it (Okay, I admit it...not could I have forgotten about it! ) So this means I REALLY have to get working on fabric development! I think I simply have too many ideas going on in my head, really need to focus...

You guys want to help me?
Any ideas of themes I should tackle?
Suggestions are always welcome!

I now have to go get my daily dose of Pinterest before going to sleep!
Might find some inspirations for my future fabrics!!! (OMG, so excited just to think about it!)

Talk to you soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy weekend! :)

I totally had to share this with you guys!
Yesterday, I was the Featured artist on the lovely blog  cbiji collection.
This was my 1st blog interview so it's all very exciting for me!
Christine did an amazing job with the blog post! If you have a few minutes & would like to learn a bit more about me & the shop, it's the place to be! :)

Aside from this exciting feature, my weekend turned out to be more productive than I would have thought it could be! This morning, I finished my "Australian custom order". (For those who didn't know, last weekend, I got my 1st international custom request for a baby keepsake cross stitch. No need to tell you I was quite excited! If I remember correctly, I think I did a little happy dance in the living room! Haha!) Here's a look at the end result! Isn't cute?

Liking this baby keepsake? You can order yours  here

Yesterday night, I also found the time (how? don't ask me!) to create 3 new headbands with new fabrics I had laying around for quite a while...These will be listed in the shop during the week.
Below pictures didn't turn out too bad I guess... It's really getting more & more difficult to take pictures with my lil' munchkin...she can't stop moving, even for as little as 2 seconds! And she seems to think that we're playing a game called " how fast can you take the headband off your head" :)

Loooooove the polkadot fabric! (You know me!)

This one has a cute tulle fabric with silver glitter tiny polkadot (Once again, I know!)

This one is simple but cute! I love the hand stitched details, looks like "kisses"!

Finally, to top it all off, I've been brainstorming new ideas...mostly to get prepared for the Holiday season...Yeah, that's right!!! I know what you're thinking, July is just about to start!!! But according to many Etsy friends (and mentors!) I better get prepared! I would love to have my Cutiful's items stuffed in as may stockings as possible!  Thinking about some baby gift set...I'll keep you posted once I have a better picture of what I want exactly!

So I'll wish you all a good week because mine will most probably be hectic...I doubt I'll be able to come by and drop you a line until next weekend!

Take care!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Etsy Kids Team

Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing well!
I know, I know... In the last post, I said I would talk to you soon and then...took me about a week to show up again on the blog! My bad...I know I might sound like a broken record, but the past week was more than hectic! It's was simply CRAZY!

Today it's Quebec's National Holiday (it's called "St-Jean-Baptiste" for those of you who never heard about it!) and for the occasion, we have a 3 days long weekend! Feels sooooo good after a rough week! Perfect to relax, enjoy some great family time & see some friends!

This morning, to start off the day slowly, I've created this cute Treasury on Etsy. This is my 1st all Etsy Kids Team Treasury since I've joined the team about a month ago! It really is a great team, I've met many nice people in this baby & kid's dedicated community!

'Let's cuddle!' by CUTIFULbaby

Blankets, comforters & soft plushies for our little loved ones!

Minky Blanket - Per...

softie animal - Rei...

Baby Blanket, Rober...

Stuffed Handmade Pa...

Earth Pony, Waldorf...

Super Soft Organic ...

Forest Critters- Gr...

Baby Boy Blanket --...

Michaerl Miller For...

Sailor Animal Boy s...

Baby Boy Quilt - Tu...

Mustache Baby Blank...

Owl Rag Doll Plush ...

Boutique Baby Blank...

Cwtch Bugs Buddy Ba...

Fox Sewing Pattern ...

I'll now go enjoy a bit of sun! :)
Might be back a little later with other fun things to share...Stay tuned!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy, busy, busy....

Hi guys!

Just wanted to take a few minutes before waking up baby to say hello!
Haven't had time to write anything since...WHAT?!?!! 2 weeks! Really? Already!
Can't believe how time is flying by!

I've been so busy lately, don't even know where to begin!!!
Between work, family time & custom the end of the day, I sometime ask myself how I did it!

Anyway, I gotta go now!
Have a good day everyone!

I'll talk to you soon (I really mean it, gotta find some time & inspiration for a more exciting blog post!!!)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

All about the little ones!

A bit more than a month ago, I did a blog post featuring some Etsy finds, telling you guys that I was planning to share more finds with you in the here it is, the 2nd Etsy finds post! Better late than never!

Lately, I came across a bunch of cool & cute products for little know how it is, as moms, as soon as we get shopping, we tend to look for our little munchkins and forget ourselves... :)

Prepare yourselves for some cuteness!

Bankie Baby

Katey has some pretty cute stuff in her Etsy shop. What's not to love about this organic baby blanket...such attention to details! She also offers free personalization on her blankets. This makes a pretty nice baby shower gift!

...And how cute is this organic baby girl gift set ! Simply adorable!


Big Bird's Boutique

I literally fell in love with these baby ruffle pants. Skulls & polkadot, are you kidding me! If you know me just a bit, you know this is just my style!
Not so long ago, Anna came up with this brilliant idea: a travel mat/ bag box! Genius! You fill the box up with toys and once opened, it turns into a play mat! Go check it out, it's brilliant!

BAM crafty mommas

Looking for a fun baby boy's gift? How about this cool bib & burp cloth set?  I absolutely love it! You can also find the matching baby blanket in Angel's shop
Another cool thing in Angel's shop is the chalkboard mat! Made with chalkboard fabric, you can roll it and take it everywhere for your little ones to draw on! Amazing!


I discovered Marie-Helene's Etsy shop when I was looking for a cute Summer hat for my little pumpkin. I bought this model and believe me, it's simply too cute!
I totally love all the cute & colorful fabrics used in this shop! Go check it out, you'll find many other cute items such as this bib. Who wants ice cream? 

Little Pea Pod

A few days ago, in Livia's shop, I found some cute personalized nursery wall art! Isn't that cute?

...and how about this one? Absolutely love the colors!


Finally, in Ellen's shop , I came across this gorgeous floral jacket! Wow! The prints & colors are simply amazing! Love it!
Don't you think any baby would be adorable with this hat & scarf cowl set? The crochet flower is removable so the set can be worn by a baby boy or a baby girl! Really cute!

So that's it for me!...Hope you've enjoy these Etsy finds! Go take a look at the featured shops, they all have much more to offer! This was only a sneak peek! :)

Time to go to bed now...otherwise, I won't be able to get up tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

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