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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guest blog post #5: Margaux from Young Nesters

Margaux is a fellow Etsy shop owner who, just like me, enjoys blogging about her family life. Her blog is called Young Nesters & our kids being about the same age,  I can totally relate to many of her posts! You can follow her Facebook page for updates about both her Etsy shop & her blog

I hope the Cutiful family is busy resting and enjoying their new little Logan so I volunteered to fill in one day and share a project of my own.

I'm Margaux and I blog from time to time at Young Nesters and also have a little shop on Etsy.  I talk about my family and all the adventures we have.  We recently relocated from Pennsylvania all the way to California and we've been pretty busy unpacking and exploring our new home.  My husband is an ecologist and works in the national forest near by and my son is an energetic two year old, always teaching me new things every day.

Vanessa lovingly shared the beautiful nursery space she created for little Livia on my blog a while back when I was making my own son's room a little more toddler friendly.  And since we just moved to a new house I thought it would be a great idea to share my inspiration for creating a new space for my own son, Darwin.  I need a little help though so I'm asking for a vote on my bed linen fabric choices at the end!

My inspiration came from a neutral wall color.  His room in Pennsylvania was so bold and saturated, I wanted to tone it down and bit but still keep things bright with pops of color.  I started browsing for curtains to match the rug he already had in the room and I was immediately draw to these orange ones and started to work the rest of my planning around that theme of orange and brown. 

It's still evolving a little bit as things start to come together but I'm very excited! 

So what do you think?  Would this make a nice space for a growing boy?  My fabric choices are below.  Cast your vote in the comments.

And here are the sources for all of the items (and images) from above:

Curtains: Target
Interactive Wall Map: Kohl's
Every Boy is a Super Hero Print: Etsy
Golden State Print: Etsy
Tiger Print: The Animal Print Shop
Toddler Bed: IKEA
Table and Chairs: IKEA
Woodland Rug: IKEA
Dresser: IKEA

Crib Sheets: One, Two, Three, Four (All from Target)

I'll leave you with a view of how it's looking now that I recently shared on Instagram...  Can't wait to paint over those drab baby blue walls!


  1. Thanks Vanessa! His room has been coming along great and I can't wait to share the finished project. Hope I can find some inspiration from your followers :)

  2. I'm partial to #1, but I'm a fan of bold polka dots.


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