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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mama Peacock & her offspring!

So, how was your Halloween?

Our day started with a grumpy little peacock who didn't want to put on her costume! :(
But it seems that after seeing her little friends at day care with their costume on, the little miss finally enjoyed herself! :)

I tried to snap a few pictures to share with you guys...please note that some pics have been taken at 5:30am, with my Iphone, under poor lighting! Ha! ;)
And unfortunately, it was quite difficult to take picture of my lil' pumpkin in her outfit!!! Let's just say she didn't really want to collaborate!
Head piece
Show off your tail feathers!

Our only "Mother-Daughter" Peacock picture!
Hope you had a great Halloween! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I TOTALLY had to share this with you because I was simply too freakin' excited about it!
A few months ago (while I was still on mat leave and pinning away like crazy on guessed it...Pinterest!) I came across this amazing peacock costume and totally fell in love!
Cutest peacock ever!!!!
I decided that it totally had to be my lil' pumpkin 1st real Halloween costume (because last year, she was about 6 months & I had put together this very last minute "mermaid" it doesn't really count as her 1st REAL costume! Haha!)

So last weekend, I bought all the supplies I needed (basically tulle, felt, elastic...that's about it!), created my little pattern for the peacock feather pieces and started sewing away! Here's a sneak peek of the work in progress...
Lots of feathers!
A cute little mask...will she keep it on? That's another story! ;)
Try on her's coming along great!
I ended up with enough fabric to also do an adult version for myself! Call me Mama Peacock! ;)
Stay tuned for more pictures...if I'm able to snap some of the little one in her outfit! :)

Happy Halloween!!!!! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My life lately...a "Rockstar Diaries" inspired blog post!

Today, I wanted to do something fun!
I discovered Naomi's blog a few months ago & totally fell in love with it! It's called Rockstar Diaries... her style his great , her blog is fresh, crisp & clean, her pictures are beautiful (to say the least!) & her kids are freakin' adorable! :)

Once in a while, she does those blog posts called "life lately, according to my iphone pictures..",which I particularly love! So here's a little blog post totally inspired by Naomi & her great blog.

Here's my life (our lifes!) lately... according to my iphone pictures!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chicken noodle soup...

I totally hate being sick!!!
I hate it because I feel like nothing's being done!
I hate it because I feel awful, I look like a mess and the house is a real disaster!

If I haven't really been around the last few days (especially on social medias) it's because I was trying to get rid of my nasty fever & my awfully sore throat... I've been eating chicken noodle soup for the last 3 days because I'm having a hard time swallowing anything that's a tiny bit solid  :(

I realized that it was the 1st time I've been sick & felt this bad since I'm a mom... and I'm sure all you mommies out there can relate.When you have a high fever & can barely stand up due to all the muscles pain, but you have this energetic little one screaming & running around the house, you almost wish you had a remote control with a huge pause button! Haha! Seriously, being sick is never fun, even if you only have yourself to take care of...but being sick when you have to take care of a little person...that's another story!

I'm hoping I'll feel better by the end of the weekend!
Keep in touch!
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