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Monday, December 9, 2013

Drink. Replenish. Glow.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit more tired than usual (see this post) & I thought that a little 1-day detox could help me get back on track & give me a little energy boost. I've discovered Glow, a Montreal-based company offering cleansing system. You can choose to go with a 1-day detox (just like me!) , 2 days or 3 days detox (if you feel wild! haha! ;) ) 6 smoothies per day will be delivered to your door to make things even easier.
Looks at those vibrant colors! Yummy!

For your detox to be as beneficial as possible, you have to prep your body! Here's a little recap of my menu the day before my detox:

-glass of water with the juice of 1 lemon (as recommended by Glow)
-fruit salad (I used what I had on hands; clementine, grapefruit, banana & green apple

Around 10am, I drank an herbal tea (Forever nuts from David's Tea, so yummy!!!)

Lunch time:
- vegetables (carrots, celery, peppers) with a edamame & cilantro hummus dip
- grapefruit

- Arugula salad with avocado, grapefruit & hemp seeds
- Pumpkin soup (without any dairy product) with curry & caramelized onions

This salad tasted soooo good! I'll definitely be making it again!
Each bottle are properly identified from 1 to 6 so you know exactly in what order you have to drink your smoothies. You also have a 3-hours time frame on each bottle to help you know when you should be drinking them, which is really helpful to plan your day. For those of you following me on IG, you've seen my pics & read my comments throughout the day. All the smoothies tasted great, I was a bit worried that the green one would have a strong "weed-like" taste, but it was actual quite refreshing. Even though I was allowed to have a few snacks since I'm breastfeeding, I was also worried I would feel hungry all day long, but to my great surprise, I wasn't! I ended up eating veggies & edamame hummus at lunch time & dinner time only...didn't feel the need to snack on anything else throughout the day!
Lunch time
I completed my detox last Friday and wanted to wait a few days to share my comments with you guys to see the effects on my body afterwards and I have to say, I feel quite great! I don't know exactly how to explain, but I feel "lighter" than I usually do. You know how you can often feel bloated after a meal...I felt like that most of the time since I gave birth about 4 months ago.This weekend was quite busy & Saturday night was a rough one (both kids woke up 2-3 times each between 2am & 6am) but I really feel less tired, more energized than I felt last week! Many of you also wanted to know if the detox had any "side-effects" on my baby boy since I'm breastfeeding him. Everything went smoothly with the baby, the only thing I could say is that the following day, he pooped a lot! Sorry for the details, but you guys asked & I deliver! ;) And when I say a lot, I mean quite more than usual... guess it had to do with all the fibers I consumed during the detox! Overall, I really liked my 1st detox experience! It's not too harsh & it's something I could see myself doing once or twice a year! :)

*Please note this is not an actual "sponsored" post, but I'd like to thank Glow for offering me a free trial. All opinions expressed in this post are my very own*

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