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Sunday, December 15, 2013

4 months

Dear Logan,

Where has the last month gone, please tell me?! I'm still impressed with how calm & happy you are! Even though the teething has begun and I can clearly see you are in pain sometimes, it doesn't stop you from laughing, smiling & giggling...and I LOVE IT! You're interacting more & more with your sister and I can tell she loves it too! You came with me to some events (like this one), dinner with friends in noisy restaurants & even to my office's Christmas party & each & every time, you have proven to be such a little trooper! You make me so overly proud!
Can't get enough of this smile!
Dear Livia,

Once again this month, we've had our ups & downs...we still have some issues communicating but each & every day, I try to put myself in your shoes to better understand what you need from me as a mom. Some days I might feel like I'm doing everything wrong, but then again, I think parenthood is a constant work in progress...I keep learning each & every day because being a parent to a baby is quite different than being a parent to a toddler...and so on! As you grow up, my parenting skills need to adapt & I thank you for showing me the way! xo
That face!
*Some people have been asking where Logan's scarf came from & I would like to take a few minutes to share this precious info with you guys. Leonie is a 2 years old little girl affected by a rare condition called FOXG1 syndrome. Her parents are raising money with these cute scarves to help pay for all the necessities & equipment they need for their daughter to grow up in the best conditions possible.You can learn more about Leonie here (please note this website is in French) & buy your own scarf in their Etsy shop. Thanks for your help!*

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