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Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 months

Dear Logan,

This week, you turned 2 months old. Life is going crazy fast, but I'm trying to take it all in & enjoy each & every little moment I get to spend with you. Sometimes I wish my eyes could take pictures, just to make sure I don't forget a thing! I'm actually a real mamarazzi, (you must have figured this out by now) my iphone always in hand to make sure I can capture your sweet smiles. You smile a lot, more & more everyday and it's just the sweetest thing! In a few months, you'll probably be damn tired of me taking pictures! ;) Lately, you've started making the cutest little noises, like you were trying real hard to communicate with us & tell us something truly important! Your sister finds it soooo exciting when you try to "talk" to her!
Happy happy baby!

Dear Livia,

You are the sweetest sister Logan could have! You are so wise, always telling me what I should do when he cries: "Logan is crying for mommy's milk...Logan has yellow poop in his diaper". You're killing me with cuteness! You always want to help out whenever possible & that's just the sweetest thing. You love entertaining your brother on his play mat, I can't wait to see you both play together when he'll grow up (Actually, that's just a saying, I CAN totally wait since you are both growing up so fast!)
Say cheese!!!

A few months ago, when I wrote this post, somebody told me this:
"Your love will multiply, it won't be shared..."
Well that couldn't be more true! Just when you think you couldn't ever love more...your love grows x 2! This is a time of my life (our lives) I never ever want to forget!

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