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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to Tantrum City....

You know the kind of days were your kid (or kiddos...) only goal seems to be making sure that you go nuts...that you loose your cool...
Well yesterday was this kind of day (so today, I'm pretty thankful that my mom had planned to take Livia to the zoo! The moment couldn't be more right!)

These last few weeks, Livia has been very clingy & demanding.
The up-side: I get a lot of kisses, hugs & cuddles which is quite pleasing.
The down-side: she tends to be quite capricious and can easily turn into a drama queen! A MAJOR drama queen.

For example, yesterday, we went shopping for a few stuff missing for her toddler room. When we got out of the Home Depot, she didn't want to walk back to the car & she absolutely didn't want my boyfriend to carry her either...she wanted ME to carry her. We explained to her that mommy, with her big belly, had trouble carrying her because she had back pain & Livia was a bit too heavy for mommy...Forget it! She completely lost it and made a scene, right there, in the middle of the parking lot!

In moments like these, I take a deep breath & remember this post I once read on the Yes I want cake blog about parenting a 2 years old & the phase we usually refer to as the TERRIBLE TWOS.
Here's just a glimpse at what Katie had to say & I think she couldn't be more right:
"But, HONESTLY. Two year olds are fantastic. I refuse to ever refer to this year as the terrible-twos. That’s just silly. Of course there will be challenges, probably at every age...I’m determined to call out her good behavior. Not her terrible behavior. Not only does doing so change my attitude about parenting, but it’s such a huge part of building her identity...There are times when she does ACT terribly, though...That’s terrible behavior. Not (even close to) a terrible little girl."
(You seriously need to read the whole post over here)

Some days are definitely harder than others...but in the end, when I take a look at a sweet picture like this one, it makes me forget (almost!) all the tough parts & savor the good ones!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend!
Talk to you soon!

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