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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What to expect...How to prepare?

Am an only child...I can hardly relate to what it can feels like to know that soon enough, you'll become a big sister or a big brother. Even though Livia is only 26 months old, I strongly believe that she is aware that things won't be the same when her little brother will be around.

Lately, she's been really demanding (I've already talked a bit about it here) and I'm convinced it has something to do with the upcoming birth of her baby brother (My boyfriend on the other hand keeps saying that she can't really be aware of all the upcoming changes, that it's only her "terrible twos"...)
Bedtime is getting more & more difficult...And I have less & less patience each & every night...But that's an whole other story.

What I really wanted to ask you guys is how did you prepare your kid for the arrival of a 2nd baby?
I try to talk as much as possible about baby Logan with Livia & try to involve her in all the changes occurring in the house...for example her new bedroom, helping me "folding" (yeah right, whatever!) & storing the baby clothes in her "old room", telling her she's lucky to now have a new bigger space...

Livia's 1st book in English!
I also recently bought this cute book (Livia is sooooo into books...even after 2-3 stories at night, she ends up crying when we close the lights & tell her it's time to sleep...that's one of the bedtime challenges I was referring to...) and thought I could wrap it up & give it to Livia when she'll come meet her baby brother at the hospital when the times come. This book would kinda be a gift from Logan...and as soon as I'll be on mat leave (7 business days left! woot woot!), I'd like to make a little soft toy with Livia for her to give to Logan after his birth...Let's kick things off on the right foot, right?

This little sensory plushie is adorable, right? You can find the tutorial over here!
If any of you have 2 (or more) kids, feel free to share your stories & tips in the comments below!
I'd love to read what you have to say!

Have a good night!


  1. Personnellement, j'ai toujours valorisé le rôle du grand frère avant l'arrivée du bébé. Et il m'a pris au mot puisqu'il est très protecteur envers sa soeur. En lui donnant de petite responsabilité, (car il n'avait que 15 mois) je crois qu'il se sentait dans l'aventure ;-) Je pense aussi qu'une fois bébé dans la maison il est primordiale de donné du temps exclusivement à son plus vieux. Une petite marche seule avec papa, un brico seule avec maman. Pas toujours facile à faire, mais pas besoin que ce soit une longue activité non plus. Et être intéressé à sa petite vie et lui poser des questions sur la garderie, sur elle, ses amis de garderie lui démontrera qu'elle a toujours la même place dans la famille! Bonne Chance ça approche! xx

    1. Merci Émilie!

      On essait aussi de faire du renforcement positif en lui expliquant qu'elle aura un rôle important pour ne pas qu'elle sente qu'elle se fait "tasser" comme on dit!Les moments seul à seul avec papa et maman, je crois que c'est une très bonne idée! xx


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