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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Poor little thing...

Can't wait for this week to be behind us...

It hasn't been an easy one & I absolutely hate seeing my kiddo feeling this bad (don't we all?)
What started out as a little cold and runny nose last Friday began worrying us more when she started coughing like crazy, especially during the night! Yesterday, she wasn't feeling good at all & her fever was getting worst so we went to the doctor's office.Turns out she has an ear infection & throat infection! :(
Making funny faces, even with a fever! That was actually her face when she heard a baby cry in the room next to us at the doctor's office!
So today, I took a day off work...but it hasn't been an easy day!
We started the day off slowly, cuddling in bed watching cartoons...
So so serious...
Hate seeing her like this, especially when she cries & I can feel her pain but can't really do much about it! Luckily, it seems that the medicine started to kick in because during bath time, she seemed happy & relaxed!
Little mermaid...she loves water!
I was starting to miss this smile of hers! Glad to see she might be starting to feel better! The fever is down & we're off to what I wish is going to be a good night of sleep! We all need this! ;)

How was your week?
Can't wait for the weekend to be here!
Wish you all a good Friday!


  1. Wel I hope that she is feeling much better now! I love that photo of her face in the doctors office?

    1. Thanks Tiff!
      Right now it's 8:45am and she's still sleeping...we had a rough night so I truly hope she will feel better when she'll wake up! Her cough is still really bad though! :(


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