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Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday moodboard

In about a week, Livia will be turning 2!
Can't believe it!

I'm usually not a last minute person...but we've been sooooo busy lately, I haven't had time to start preparing for her birthday really! So this morning, while she was sleeping in the bed besides me (rough night...again!) I've decided to put together a little moodboard for her birthday.
This might help me visualize what I want, and make a list of what can be done in a week...and what supplies I need to buy!

This year, her birthday's theme will be "Pink Lemonade"!
Found so many pretty ideas on Pinterest, I really had to narrow it down!

Here's my inspiration moodboard...

Lemonade pitcher via Catch my party 
Balloons via Inside out
Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes via Cait's plate
Centerpieces via Tumblr 
Pinwheels via Etsy

Lately, I've been addicted to lemonade and I've tried this awesome recipe! Love it! Nothing beats freshly squeezed lemonade! Guess I'll also have to find a cool pink lemonade recipe, a pitcher of each would look great on the table!...I've seen it made with grapefruit or even with strawberries or raspberries...what do you think would be best?

Talk to you soon!

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