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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our life in doodles...

I'm sure many of you are following the blog A Beautiful Mess...
It's actually one of my favorite, so when I learned they were launching an amazing app to edit pictures (perfect for the Instagram addict I am!) I got pretty excited! Have you tried it yet? I'm totally in love with it!

So here's a little recap of our week through pictures I've edited with the app! :)

A girlie version of my tooth monster...custom orders are always fun!
My pointy baby bump!
Livia just loves her birthday balloons!
Cookie dough love...
I've treated myself to some good homemade cookies
Sipping an amazing smoothie...her favorite! The recipe is from a friend's blog called Trois fois par jour (it's in French but it's worth taking a look at!)
Finally ordered some Salt Water sandals for Livia...and they fir perfectly! Cutest little feet EVER!!!
What I woke up to one morning...
A picture my boyfriend took this week...what's not to love?
Early morning bath...Lots of fun!
My little helper...
We had fun picking out the plants for our veggie patch!
WHEN did she get so tall?!?! and so grown up...?
She loves her uncle's birthday gift!

She asked for painted toes just like mine....

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