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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Next year, I promise...

November 28th already...I can hardly believe it!

December is just around the corner & I have to face the fact that the handmade/ diy advent calendar ideas I had will have to wait for Christmas 2013! I simply didn't have time to tackle this little project of mine (like many others in fact!)...and I'm kinda trying to convince myself that my little pumpkin is still too little to really understand the whole concept around the countdown till Christmas... Next year, I'll make the greatest advent calender!

Anyway, even though it's a last minute post, I decided to share some of my inspiration with you guys! Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have plenty of free time in the next few days to create your very own advent calendar...who knows! :)

This idea is pretty neat! Love the cute washi tape, great project to make with the kiddos!
Martha Stewart's version could easily be made with little baby socks! So cute!
This is sooooooooo cute & original! But you need to dedicate a little table to the advent calendar...but I think it's worth it, makes a great addition to any Holiday decor!
This calendar is really sweet & simple! Love the pop of color inside the envelopes!
Love this idea, but it's much more time consuming to create!  I think I would do it in fun , non-traditional color scheme though...maybe with a mix of cute little patterns...stripes, polkadot, gingham...


  1. Did you ever see the one by YHL? Might be an idea in a pinch!

    And I like that Martha sock idea. Super cute.

    1. Yes, I saw it! Looks cute! Damn Pinterest! Too many ideas, too little time!!


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