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Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 days left...

30 days left before Christmas, that's right!

Yesterday, we went shopping for some outdoor Christmas decorations & I have to admit, I'm slowly starting to feel the Christmas spirit! :)

Our pretty front door!
It's a first for us, we've never had outdoor decorations fact, last year, we had our very 1st Christmas tree...I guess that's because we felt that, now that we have a little one, we have to start building our own Christmas traditions & memories!

I've also discussed Livia's gift with my boyfriend & we decided to get her this cute mini-kitchen from Ikea.

Actually, I have TONS of pins on my Pinterest boards for the cutest DIY mini-kitchens...but who am I kidding...I'll simply never have time to create one before Christmas...we are simply too busy around here!
This one from  The Farmer's Nest blog is made out of old nightstands 

This one from  MC Baby Bump 3 blog is made out of an old TV unit
And here's another converted TV unit from Fresh Cut Flours blog

I even got my boyfriend's approval to rearrange our living room to allow some space for:
A) a Christmas tree (last year, Livia was so little, she didn't have as much toys & stuff scattered around our living room so it was easier to squeeze in a Christmas tree...but now, the living room was feeling so cramped, I really don't know where we would have put a tree if we hadn't rearrange our living space!)
B) Livia's future mini-kitchen (because as you know, we still have an unfinished basement, which you've probably hear me complain about here & there on the blog....but hey, that's another story!)

 Soooo, I was so excited about the mini-kitchen, I started browsing the web for the cutest play food...because no mini-kitchen is complete without play food! Thought I could share my amazing finds with you because there are so many! Here we go:

Felt pasta! What a cute idea, I'll definitely need to make some. via A Happy Nest blog (she also has other felt food tutorials such as this felt cookie set )
Strawberry milk from The Felted Pear via Etsy
This sushi set is probably one of my absolute fave! from Creation by M via Etsy

The perfect set for tea time! You'll find the tutorial on Lil Blue Boo blog
Gotta love this popcorn set from Fairview Pl via Etsy
And what about these gorgeous donuts from The Felt Chef via Etsy?
We all scream for ice cream...especially when it's from Eva Lauryn via Etsy!
Enough with the treats...Fruits & Vegetables are important for an healthy diet!;) These yummy veggies are also from Eva Lauryn via Etsy

Ad if you're feeling crafty but don't know where to start, you can always buy affordable PDF pattern & instructions for set like this one from Fairy Fox via Etsy
This list could really go on forever...but I've got to get going! ;)
Hoping it gave you cool ideas for Christmas gifts!

Have a good one guys!
Take care!


  1. We have that mini kitchen for Darwin! He got it from his Grandma for his birthday and he really enjoys it. They have lots of cute accessories that go along with it too.

    There's a good photo of it in this post:

    1. Yes, Livia already has the Ikea fruit basket...but I still wanted to share some Etsy love! We support our Etsy community, don't we? ;)

      So I see we won't be the only one with a mini-kitchen in our living room! Nice! :) I'm sure Livia will love it too!


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