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Monday, November 5, 2012

Wanna be friends?

Today, I wanted to share some love.
Love for awesome people I've met online via Etsy. Since I've started selling on Etsy, I've met so many nice people!!! Some of them were clients, other were fellow Etsy sellers...

I've realized that it's amazing how Internet can allow you to connect with people you've never met! They might be living nearby, or they might live across the ocean, but either way, I strongly feel that it's possible to get to know people who share the same passion & interests & build relationships with them...all of that in front of your computer! I truly think this is amazing! Don't you?

I'd like to introduce you to 3 fellow Etsy sellers I've met online, 3 lovely ladies with whom I enjoy chatting for time to time! We 've actually never met in person, but we sometimes end up having conversations like we've known each other for quite some time...I don't know how to explain!

Anna from Big Bird's Boutique

I discovered Anna's Etsy shop when I came across this fab floor cushion!
Floor cushion
 Isn't it amazing! This is one talented woman!
After her mat leave, Anna decided quit her job to dedicate herself full time to her business and I totally admire her for that! Here are a few of the items currently available in her Etsy shop, go take a look, there's even more to it!

Birds wings/ costume
Baby ruffle pants
Foldable travel playmat
 Anna, your rock! Wish you lots of success, I know you'll go far! ;) xx

Marie-Hélène from Spaghettis

I was shopping on Etsy for a cute Summer bucket hat for my daughter because I couldn't find anything that I liked in the "mainstream" shops...and I totally fell in love with this hat.
Polkadot Summer hat
When I contacted Marie-Hélène to complete the order, I met the most kind woman! We chatted a bit, and since she knew that my daughter's 1st birthday was coming up, she included a cute little headband in our parcel! How sweet of her, what a kind gesture! She has so many cute items in her shop, it's truly worth a look!
Simone, the cutest bunny EVER!

Sensory taggie blanket
Diaper & Wipes Clutch
Marie, we truly need to get together for a coffee or hot chocolate sometimes! Take good care! xx

Émilie from Orange & Coco

I discovered Émilie's creations via Facebook this time (word of mouth), but quickly noticed that she was also an Etsy seller! Her wooden creations for babies are so adorable! Wish I had discovered her shop when I was decorating my daughter's nursery! I'll probably be ordering one of her awesome baby mobile when I'll have a 2nd baby room to decorate! ;)
Wooden teether/ rattle
Baby mobile
nursery wall art
Pacifier clip
I totally love her listings pictures, she has some great photography skills! She was even kind enough to take some pictures of my quiet book & share them on her lovely blog!

Émilie, thanks for being my "virtual friend" like you said! ;) Best of luck to you with all your great projects! xx

Talk to you soon you guys!


  1. MERCI!!!! On fait ça bientot pour le café alors!


  2. Thank you for this lovely post!

    C'est un véritable honneur d'être dans cette belle sélection avec deux artistes Etsy que j'adore!!!
    Je suis pas mal loin, mais je me joindrais volontiers à un café avec vous mesdames un de ces jours!

    Amitiés xx

    1. C'est un plaisir! Vos talents gagnent à être partagé! :)


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