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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family day at the farm

Yesterday, we enjoyed the nice weather & took Livia to the farm! This little expedition of ours might be our last as a family of three, so I took A LOT of pictures to remember this nice day we had together! And of course, I thought it would be fun to share some with you guys! ;)

We went to Ferme Guyon, a charming place located in Chambly, on the South Shore (I highly recommend this place to anyone living in the Montreal/ South Shore area!) They have a huge garden center with many green houses, a farmer's market filled with local produces...but mostly, we were there for the educational farm & the butterfly house! Livia had so much fun! And us too of course!

Part of the site with the educational farm at the back
Part of the farm
Livia & her baby bunny friend!
Soft little ball of fur
Talking with the pig..."Oink oink"
This white goat was a real glutton!
Feeding the baby goat might have been one of her favorite!
The outdoor's installations
This is the ONLY butterfly Livia didn't mind having on her arm...tiny butterfly!
Our family picture of the day! Us 4 & the pretty butterfly!

Funny thing is, Livia didn't mind petting a huge cow with eyeballs the size of her head...but she was a bit tense when big butterflies were flying too close! Haha! Go figure out!

Here's a little video (the sound is really bad, sorry about that...Iphone issues!) to give you a better idea of what the butterfly house looks like...and where you can see my sneaky girl opening doors she's not supposed too! Little rascal! ;)

Butterfly house from Vanessa Giguere on Vimeo.
Have a nice day!

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