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Saturday, August 17, 2013

We were 3...and then we became 4!

It all started on Tuesday night, around 9 pm...
My water broke, 2 weeks before my due date, exactly like when I was pregnant with Livia!

Logan is born on Wednesday August 14 at 1:11am and we couldn't be happier!
We came back home Friday afternoon, about 36 hours after delivery & so far, everything is going just great!

So I wanted to share a few pics with you guys to introduce you to our new family member AND I wanted to let you i know that, starting tomorrow, I'll be having some guest blog posts, courtesy of blogger friends who gladly agreed to help me out with the blog for the next few weeks! These guest blog posts will be posted each Sunday, so keep an eye out! ;)

Fresh out of the oven! About 2 hours old!
Little bundle of joy!
Them...what more can I say! My heart might have exploded at this very moment
Heading home!
Our 1st mother & son selfie
Father & son
 (These are pictures I've shared on Instagram over the last 3 days!)

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the 1st guest blog post! :)
Have a nice weekend!

1 comment:

  1. We need a first family portrait to add to all of these! All four of you together :) Beautiful family.


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