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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Growth chart a.k.a. the coolest Pinterest project I've ever tackled!

A while ago, I’ve came across those cool growth charts that looked like oversized rulers, and I totally fell in love! One more project on my “amazing Pinterest projects to-do list”…you know that list of all the projects you want to tackle but probably will never have the time to? Please tell me I’m not the only one with such a list?!?!

But guess what? Last week, since I was on vacation, I’ve had time to create my own growth chart and I’m so so proud of the result! Couldn’t seriously be happier about it!
My supervisor!
1st coat of stain
Right next to our living room for everyone to see
I totally love the result!
I’ve used this DIY tutorial which, in my opinion, was the more detailed & easy to follow. In fact, the project itself isn’t that difficult…and it only cost me about 20$ for all the supplies! Can’t wait to mark Livia’s height for the first time…if I could only find the damn white Sharpie marker I’m looking for!

UPDATE: We've actually measured Livia since she wanted to & was so intrigued by the chart!
Livia is this tall! (but I still need to find a white marker!)


  1. Love it! Elle est superbe, ta grosse règle! J'adore ce projet. Avais-tu vu celle que mon petit mari m'a fabriqué à Noël? I mean, je l'aurais remarié sur le champ, tellement j'étais énervée en la déballant (surtout avec son écrire de tit gars naïf!). Elle est accrochée dans notre cuisine/salle à manger, aussi for everyone to see!

    1. Noooonnn! Je ne l'avais pas encore vu mais elle est troooooop belle! Il a du talent ton petit mari! ;) Quel beau cadeau en plus! Et les autres cadeaux aussi sont chouettes! Comme je serai en congé de maternité à Noël prochain et que le budget sera restreint, je compte bien moi aussi faire des cadeaux handmade! :)


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