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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Don't mind the mess...Can you?

At least, that what they say! But it's easier said than done, right?

I've been sharing some of these "messy" pics on Instagram, mainly because I think that most mom could relate, and that reading comments letting me know this was a typical scene in many other houses made me fell...better?

I also had to share a picture of our living room all cleaned-up right before Livia's 2nd birthday...because you absolutely need a picture to remember what colors are your floors! ;)

I know that once you have kids, if you want to keep your sanity (or at least a tiny bit of your sanity!), it's better to let go a bit & forget about the perfect squeaky clean house...but when you stand in the middle of your living room wondering if your house is the HQ of Apocalypse or something like that, it can get pretty nerve wracking!

Maybe it seems worse these days because I'm getting bigger & bigger, and picking things off the floor is not as easy as it used to be... or maybe it's because I'm starting to wonder what our living room (hum...entire main floor actually since emptying my cupboards seems to be one of Livia's favorite games lately!) will look like with 2 kiddos?!?! Or maybe both...

Anyhow, I need to find a way to make Livia understand that, when she's done playing with some toys, she needs to put them away & clean up her mess before taking out more toys...and that task too is easier said than done! But there must be a certain age where a kid should understand this concept, right? Am I dreaming in color?

How do you cope with the mess? Are you like me, thinking it's almost cute one day, but then it makes you go crazy the next?

Print by LivyLoveDesigns, available on Etsy

At least, I like to think that this saying is right! :)

Have a great week you guys! 


  1. Such good timing, I am totally in a 'minimalist' phase right now. SO OVER picking stuff and drowning in stuff. Culling and garageselling next week. ;) We have too much stuff!

    Of course this guys is preaching for what he believes but it all makes a lot of sense to me..

    But also, to 'let go' and not worry too much about when it's messy helps deal with it as well. (Easier said than done, I know);)

    1. Makes a lot of sense indeed, thanks for the link! ;)

      I'm not a huge fan of all the noisy, battery-powered, made in china kinda toys...I like to see my girl playing with handmade play food (pretend play is the best, right?) wooden toys, music instruments, crayons & books! I want her to develop her imagination & artistic sense...But whenever I ask people not to buy TOO MANY gifts, or suggest them to buy her books od things like know what happens right! Gets me so frustrated at time! I guess that with a second kid, I'll have to set some boundaries, otherwise, we too will be drowning in stuff! ;)


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