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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In the end, everything will be OK...

You know what they say... "In the end, everything will be OK"
These words are never fun to hear when going through tough times...but afterwards, when you think about it, these wise words always turnout to be true! :)

Like most of you must already know, a few weeks ago, I learned that the whole design department where I'm currently working would be relocated in Europe at the end of the year. I was lucky enough to have plenty of time ahead of me to figure out what I wanted to do next... but then, all of a sudden, a new opportunity presented itself!

I'm glad to say that in 2 weeks, I will be starting a new job! :) I truly think that the new challenges ahead of me will be like a breath of fresh air! And I'm hoping that this new job will get my creative juices going & will give me plenty of new ideas & things to blog about!

A chapter of my life is soon ending, but a new, exciting one is about to begin!
Cheers to changes!

Take good care!


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