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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh dear Jamie...

I totally LOVE to cook....
I absolutely LOVE Jamie Oliver...

And when Jamie asks his fans to send him pictures for his next book, I totally LOVE the concept!
What a cool idea! Last weekend, on his FB page, Jamie was asking people to share pictures of their favorite places to get their fruits & vegetables...their own garden, their favorite green grocery, their farmer's market...I couldn't help to share some pics of my own backyard garden & homegrown good eats! How cool would it be to see one of my pics in Jamie's next book! :)
My lil' pumpkin just can't get enough of our backyard blueberries
Homegrown, organic blueberries
But there were so many great pictures sent from fans all over the world...I simply have no clue how they'll be able to narrow down their selection! These are a real feast...for the eyes! Enjoy! :)
My friend's lovely twins at work!

Freshly picked figs, Portugal
Peas in a the amazing colors!
Love peppers!
Organic heirloom tomatoes
Where it all begins!

Talk to you soon!

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