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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy times!

Today was a good day!
Even though the weather was a bit uncertain, we decided to go enjoy some apple picking and we had a great time, just the 3 of us! It started raining lightly just when we were about to leave, so we had time to fill up our baskets, run after the chickens (we'll we didn't actually ran after them, Livia did!), buy some fresh apple juice and a pie (yeah, I cheated, I bought one directly at the orchard simply because a) it looked good & b) I didn't have any dough ready to make one tonight... but I swear I'll make some soon!)

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring our camera ( I usually bring it almost everywhere, but I guess we just left in a hurry because we didn't want to get caught by the rain!) so below pictures were taken with our Iphones...

Livia liked the chickens!
1st freshly picked apple!
What a windy day! Haha! Nice hairdo honey! ;)
Can't get enough of those apples!
Our 1st basket
This picture was taken at the exact same place about a year ago...time flies by so fast! I just can't believe how little she was!!! And how tired I looked! Haha! ;)

I'm planning to cook some of these apples as I do every year... apple butter, apple crumble (our classic), apple sauce...
What is your favorite apple recipe? Any classics you do from year to year?

Keep in touch!


  1. We took Darwin strawberry picking this summer and plan to go pumpkin picking next month :) Fun traditions.

    And I made some apple butter last year that was delicious. I might try baking some apple chips this year too.

    1. Good idea, I love apple chips!
      I found a great apple butter recipe on Pinterest using the crock pot...I think I'll try it, looks yummy! :)

  2. Lovely pics! My daughter is 6 now, and I am missing small babies a little bit )) Livia is adorable. I love these huge inquisitive eyes which try to absorb everything around her ))

    1. Thanks so much! :)
      They grow up so fast, don't they! It feels like I'm gonna blink and she'll be 6 like our daughter!


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