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Friday, August 17, 2012

There's an app for that!

I know what you think...
YES, I have just arrived in 2012! NO, up until about 2 weeks ago, I had never owned an Iphone!
But now that I do, damn, I'm sooooooooooo in love with it! :)

Of course, one of the biggest advantage is being able to take my emails & Etsy convos ANYWHERE! Ha! Freedom, I love you so much! I also started downloading some apps (only free ones so far, I feel that an app should be REALLY amazing for me to pay for it at this stage because
I'm still new to all of this!) and really understood what the saying "There's an app for that" truly meant! There really is an app for almost anything you could think of, which is absolutely crazy!

So I've installed some basic apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (I've just discovered the joy of Instagram & I love it!), Pinterest (for the addict that I am!), Blogger (which isn't very complete in my opinion, but I guess I should maybe take a deeper look into it) and of course Etsy (which comes very handy everyday!)

I'm also loving the utilitary apps for grocery list & to-do list (Yay! No more little pieces of paper scattered here & there around the house! Everything is in one place, much easier to manage! Don't you think?)

I've also came across this app called Peppermint, which turned out very handy when creating a color card for my new know, the one I talked about a few weeks ago...
 I've been so busy creating templates for my new Etsy shop that I haven't even told you yet! Yes, you read correctly, I've just opened my 2nd Etsy shop offering printables a few days ago! So exciting, can wait to see what the response will be like!

The range of apps offered is so huge, I don't even know where to look or what to look's simply too much information! But I thought that maybe some of you have some apps they simply can't live without and would be willing to share those precious apps with us?!?!
Feel free to drop me a line, I'm sure it will be very interesting to discover your favorites! :)

Good night guys!


  1. I wish there was an app that could fold my clothes!

    1. Haha! Let me know if you find one! ;)
      An app for the dishes would also be pretty awesome!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love the new shop! Very cute stuff. Can't wait to see what else you have mind :)

  4. Love the shop. I'm thinking of getting an iphone as my next phone, what d'ya think?
    Zoe x

    1. I think it's the best idea ever! ;)
      It's so useful & convenient! Love my new Iphone! :)


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