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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I TOTALLY had to share this with you because I was simply too freakin' excited about it!
A few months ago (while I was still on mat leave and pinning away like crazy on guessed it...Pinterest!) I came across this amazing peacock costume and totally fell in love!
Cutest peacock ever!!!!
I decided that it totally had to be my lil' pumpkin 1st real Halloween costume (because last year, she was about 6 months & I had put together this very last minute "mermaid" it doesn't really count as her 1st REAL costume! Haha!)

So last weekend, I bought all the supplies I needed (basically tulle, felt, elastic...that's about it!), created my little pattern for the peacock feather pieces and started sewing away! Here's a sneak peek of the work in progress...
Lots of feathers!
A cute little mask...will she keep it on? That's another story! ;)
Try on her's coming along great!
I ended up with enough fabric to also do an adult version for myself! Call me Mama Peacock! ;)
Stay tuned for more pictures...if I'm able to snap some of the little one in her outfit! :)

Happy Halloween!!!!! :)


  1. So adorable! Hope you post pics of Mama & Baby Peacock. ;)

    1. Thanks Ricki! :)
      I did post some pics yesterday night...but I'm a bit disappointed since we weren't able to take as many pictures of Livia as we would have liked to! Hope you had a great Halloween! :) xx

  2. Il est magnifique ton costume! J'adore le concept et les couleurs sont superbes! Good Job!

    1. Merci Émilie! :)
      J'étais bien heureuse du résultat!


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