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Friday, November 8, 2013

Honestly in love with the Honest Company

Are you familiar with The Honest Company?
A line of safe, eco-friendly products for the whole family (including young kids & babies) created by the actress Jessica Alba & co-founder Christopher Gavigan.

Being very active (addicted should I say!) on Instagram, I noticed this brand a few months ago...Then it started to pop, here & there & I got very intrigued. Let's just say that the branding & packaging is so utterly pretty & cute, I just couldn't help myself. So I looked at their website and BAM! I had discovered the exact type of products I was looking for! But I was totally bummed when I realized that the shipping was only available to US residents!

I wrote a quick email to the company (and I think many fellow Canadians did the same!) asking if they were planning to offer shipping to Canada in a near future and guess what! About 2 months later, I was pleased to know that they now do!

The concept is pretty neat! You create an account, select our bundle (that's the most economic way to buy) then select your delivery date. It's so convenient to have your package delivered right to your door! I chose the Essentials bundle so for each delivery, I can choose the products I want & need out of a wide range of body care & house cleaning products.

I'm totally in love in love with their products & thought I could share with you guys! Here are the products that we've tried out so far!

 Conditioning Mist
Most probably my favorite product so far. Livia ALWAYS has tangled hair after her bath and she doesn't like it when I brush her hair. This little bottle works like pure magic + it's smells SOOOOO good...sweet orange vanilla...reminds me of orange creamsicles! It leaves her hair feeling soft and shiny too! I use it for myself also (you would do the same!) We're SOLD! :)

 Toilet Cleaner
I told a friend: "My toilet has simply never smelled sooo good! Seriously" That my friends says it all! When's the last time you had a conversation about your toilet cleaner with a friend? Just tell me when!...
Healing Balm
Livia's eczema is way less intense than when she was little, but with the cold season knocking at our door, you can totally tell that her fragile skin is starting to feel all of the cold weather's side effects. This balm is perfect for dry itchy skin, but we've also used it on little scratches & other whatnot... Livia calls it her "booboo cream"!

Oxy Boost
Logan has (finally!) started to use the cloth diapers this week and I think this will become a must in my laundry room. I always let the dirty diapers soak in warm water before putting them in the washer...Just add one of these babies & you'll make sure to get rid of any leftover stains or odors! Who doesn't like a non-toxic whitener & deodorizer?

Shampoo & Body Wash
I love "all-in-one" products for my little one! This shampoo/ body wash is soft, the smell is very subtle (I love when my babies smell great, but hate it when they end up smelling like you dropped a bottle of perfume on their heads, right?) and I love knowing that it is safe for them!

Are you using any Honest products? What's your favorite? I'd love to know! :)

*Please note this is absolutely not a sponsored post!*


  1. Ça fait quelques fois que j'entends parler de cette marque... Est ce qu'il faut commander un montant minimum par mois ? Si oui combien ? Et as tu essayé les couches ? Si oui il y ena combien par paquet ? Je trouve pas ces info sur leur site....

    1. Il n'y a pas de minimum par mois, à vrai dire, tu pourrais commander un seul item, mais avec le shipping, tu es mieux pas! ;) Les bundles reviennent plus avantageux et tu peux espacer tes livraisons à ta guise en repousant la date de la prochaine livraison au besoin si tu le désires... Je n'ai pas essayer les couches, mais si tu veux plus d'infos et que tu ne trouves pas, tu peux leur envoyer un petit message, leur service à la clientèle est excellent et ils répondent habituellement très rapidement! :)


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