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Friday, November 15, 2013

3 months

Dear Logan,

I feel like I haven't caught my breath for the last 3 months, but I'm saying that in the best way possible! You amaze me, you are such a happy baby! Smiling seems to come to you so naturally, makes me realize that I should follow your example & smile more often! You're only 3 months old, yet you're already so expressive & compassionate (you absolutely hate when your big sis cries, makes you feel so sad!) You started grabbing things a few weeks ago and you're getting the hang of it...your new trick: putting everything in your mouth!Already?!?! Sometimes I would like to bottle you up... please just be my happy smiley baby forever!
The little man is filling up ( and he finally started wearing his cloth diaper which make him look even chubbier!)

Dear Livia,

You are such an amazing big sister for Logan, I'm so proud of you. Lately however, we've been having our ups & downs...A few weeks ago you've entered one of your "stubborn" phase & I've been having a hard time communicating with you! I feel like you're testing my limits & I know that sometimes , I should just take a deep breath & be more patient with you! Some nights I go to bed thinking I might have been a little hard on you, I might doubt my parenting skills...but then, when you hug me & kiss me, I know that even if we don't always get along, I might be doing something right! Parenthood is the thoughest job, yet the most rewarding & your hugs & kisses are the best reward of all!
My little miss looking sooooo grown up!

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