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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is March almost over?!?!...For real?

Ok, this is really bad!
I just can't believe I haven't written a single blog post in over a month! WHAT?!?!
Seems like we were in February, then I blinked and poof! April is already around the corner!
This is simply unbelievable! And it seems that with this 2nd pregnancy, time is passing by even faster!

So today, I thought I could at least take a few minutes to write a little blog post & share a few pictures of our weekend with you guys! So here I am, on the couch with my laptop while Livia is watching Winnie the Pooh!

My weekend started with a girl's night out! Felt so good! Here's my almost 18weeks late night bump...after eating this amazing molten cake which, according to my receipt, was apparently a cake for 2! Haha!
Finished one of my latest custom order! I love making baby keepsake!
Livia is a real clown, always making funny faces to make us laugh!
Adding felt food to my Etsy shop has been on my mind lately...
Livia trying the lovely crayons that our new pen pals sent us! (I'll tell you more about "happy mail" in an upcoming blog post...meanwhile, you can visit Tara's blog and meet her lovely daughter ) 
Since we received our 1st happy mail about a week ago, we started preparing ours...heading to Colorado soon! :)
A Saturday morning trip to the Post Office with a purse full of custom orders!
A few weeks ago, I've added crayon rolls to my shop...this weekend, I wanted to do a little prototype for crayon roll party favors! How do you like them?
Ahhhh...NAPS! I've been quite busy lately, but whenever I can, I try to rest a little while Livia is napping!
I should really get the juicer out more often! Carrots & apples is our favorite...Livia almost drank the whole glass all by herself! Good thing she likes it! I won't complain!
Pregnant lady's lunch! ;) Sooooooo hungry!

That's it, time for me to go...Livia just pushed the laptop of me to sit on my laps to watch the cartoons! How can I say no to that! :)
 Hope you all had a great weekend!
I seriously need to drop by more often...
Talk to you soon! ;)

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