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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Craziest Christmas EVER!

How was your Christmas???
Ours turned out to be merry/ busy/ crazy & oh so fun!!!! We received our families yesterday night for an evening of fun & laughter! Seriously a Christmas to remember! Livia had sooooo much fun...& got totally spoiled! I was so busy running around the house, didn't took as many pictures as I would have liked...but here are a few!

Amazing chocolate bark...I'll definitely be making this recipe every year from now on! This is actually my only "food" picture...can't believe I was too busy to even take a picture of the feast...oh well!
I have NEVER seen so many gifts!!!
This particular gift was bigger than Livia...
...and she seems to be hoping it's for her!
My boyfriend gave me the coolest gift! A Wacom drawing tablet! I'll have to make some new designs for my CUTIFULmemories shop!
This little lady stayed up till' 11pm!!!
The morning almost looks like we just moved in...empty boxes EVERYWHERE!
She's loving the play kitchen we got her...and all the felt food I made for her! Yay!
Didn't know you could make popcorn in a sink!
Gotta go back to cleaning up all the mess!
Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!
Talk to you soon!

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