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Friday, May 11, 2012

What a week!!!

This first week at work was one busy week!
I just realized that it flew by and that I have not work on my crafts once!!! I know I'll get used to the new routine and find a balance...but I actually found out that not only do I love crafting...but I need crafting in my daily life! I've really missed it this week...but I was just too tired! Hopefully I'll be able to create some new items soon!

On top of that, I was planning baby's birthday! You should see my "TO DO list" for tomorrow!!! (I think by now, you must all have noticed that I'm the kind of girl who can't live without her to do list! Haha!) Anyway, the weekend will probably end up being as busy as the week that just ended...but how much fun will it be! I can't wait to put all the decorations up...and share some pics with you guys!

Before going to sleep, I just wanted to share you guys know what I found in the mailbox when I came back from work! Yeah! You guessed right! My MOO mini cards are finally here!!! Joy!!!

Aren't they cute or what? So pleased with the result! What a great way to end up the day...and the week! Can't wait for the next Etsy order to hand out some!

Keep in touch!


  1. Love the Moo cards!!! They turned out super cute. =)

  2. Thanks Ricki! I absolutely love them!!!
    Did you order some for yourself?

  3. it's not easy to be a full time worker and a full time mom... Add a full time creator and you'll find ... a wonderfull women... YOU !!! -xx-

  4. HAaaaaaa! Thank you dear! I love you! xx


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