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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dreaming of a real craft room...

It's been almost 2 years since we moved into our first home, and since the house was brand new, we have an unfinished basement. Lately, with all the crafting & sewing I've been doing, I can't tell you how bad I'd like to have a real, organize, functional (and pretty!) craft room! Right now, all my things are scattered around the house...let me give you a quick idea:

  • Down stairs, in the UNFINISHED basement, I have my 2 industrial sewing machines (overlock & fur) along with my fabric stash (which clearly needs to get organized, fast!)
  • On the first floor, in the dining room, you can find my ironing board, and my dining table hidden under piles of felt, fabric, some embroidery floss and lots of other sewing supplies (ruler, measuring tape, buttons in all size & colors, needles & it, I'm sure I can find it in here!) And my camera & computer, to be able to add my listings on Etsy...and now work on my blog! Hopefully this set up will be history in a few weeks, once I'll get back to work...our  table might recover it's original being used as a DINING table!!! But for my defense, I have to explain that I've invaded the kitchen to be able to work on my craft while keeping and eye on the little one!
  • Finally, on the second floor, in the spare room next to my daughter's room, I had installed my plain sewing machine (basically because there was not enough space left on my dining table!)...and I have to admit that the floor is covered with fabric scraps...My bad!
After all these explanations, no need to tell you that a real craft room would be a must!

A few days ago, while the little one was taking a nap, I found myself wandering on the Internet, looking for inspiration for the craft room I'll one day have! What?!?! can't stop a girl from dreaming a little! Here are some of the pictures that really caught my eye! Enjoy!

Wine rack as yarn storage!!! That's so ingenious!! Idea from Prudent Baby

Ikea shelves + chalkboard paint = I LOVE this! Idea from The Smith Nest
Sarah Richardson, I love you! So many great ideas in there!
Pegboard really is a must for organization! Idea from Apartment Therapy
Euhhh...WOW!!! I'm almost jealous...if only my fabric stash could look like this! You can buy these fabric organizers here
 Found so much inspiration...I could add many other pictures but I'll stop here for today! And I'll keep dreaming until the basement is finished!

Have a nice day everyone!

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