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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The "5 weeks challenge"...or something like that!

Today was baby's first day (half day should I say) at day care! And it went so well, way better than I had thought it would... I guess us parents tend to worry a bit too much...sometimes!

Am I the only one thinking "I hope she won't cry too much", "I hope she won't be too difficult", "I hope she'll sleep well, without causing any trouble"....I hope, I hope....

Now that we broke the ice & that the "stress" of the first time is over with, I just realized how much things I could get done with a little free time... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOOOOOOVE my daughter and love spending time with her... But with a few hours to myself, the possibilities seem endless! Should I be feeling guilty? I don't think so... It seems to me that as mothers, guilt is always near...but we shouldn't be feeling like that, should we?

5 1/2 weeks before getting back to work...the countdown has really begun!
But since the little one will be going part-time to day care, I figure out that I should use this "ME, MYSELF & I" time to work on my crafts!!! Work on some listings for my Etsy shop, that's for sure! But also so many other projects that I had put aside because I just didn't have time...The list is quite long though! I'd like to call this the "5 weeks challenge", but I'm just afraid that I'll get disappointed if I don't get through the list! You know what I mean!

Stay tuned for updates...
I might craft like crazy...or maybe I'll just fall asleep on the couch (hope not!!!)
Who knows!

Have a good evening everyone!

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