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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soooooooo cheesy!

Yesterday night, my daughter had fun emptying some boxes full of junk ( and also the soil from one of our plant, but that's another story!) in our 3rd  bedroom a.k.a the spare room, the temporary/ not really functional craft room, the room that will one day become Livia's toddler/ big sis room...but for now, let's just call it the "I don't know where to put all that stuff" room!!! And I really think that my daughter is in for some serious treasure hunting...

Once she was asleep, I went upstairs to take a shower and tripped on something...When I saw what it was, I couldn't help myself! I laughed so hard!!!

First of all...I didn't even remember that audio tape had once existed!!! OMG! That's so 1992!...But I have to admit that this one was created only about 10 years ago when I started going out with my boyfriend (and yes, for those asking, we are still together, seems I didn't scare the hell out of him with this mixed tape!) That is soooooo cheesy!!! I have to tell you that I was only about 16 years old back then...guess you can do pretty stupid stuff when you're a teenage girl madly in love! Haha! I only wish we still had a radio that can read audio tape...I bet I would have laughed my butt off listening to this!

Totally had to share with you guys because I think this is real funny! What's even funnier is that my boyfriend kept this mixed tape all this time...might means something to him! ;)

Have you ever done a mixed tape for a loved one when you were a teenager? Or maybe have you done something even more funnier?! Who's willing to share? ;)

Have a lovely day!
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  1. Hi Vanessa, I was wondering if you might want to co-host on Sunday for the Weekly Wrap? It doesn't have to be a specific calendar week. Can be the wrap up of a couple days, a week, whatever. No particular format. =)

  2. Yeah! Could be great! I'm sure I'll have lots to say!
    I can convo me via Etsy for all the details! ;)
    Have a good night!


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