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Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 things you don't know about me!

This morning, in my inbox, I had a message from Ricki ( Adventures with Rogue Baby ) saying that she had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank so much Ricki!!! You've put a smile on my face this morning! The concept is pretty cool, it's a nice way to discover & meet other bloggers... and share some love!

Here's how it works...when you get nominated for VBA , you have to share 7 facts about yourself that people may not know...I'll take this opportunity as a way to properly introduce myself to you guys! So let's get started!

#1. I'm 25 years old, I live in Saint-Amable in Quebec, Canada ( for those of you who have no clue where that is, it's in the suburban area of guys should know Montreal, right?!?!)

#2. This Fall, my boyfriend & I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!!! Crazy, right? And if you do the math, I know what you all think...OMG, she was only 15 years old when they started going out!!! Yup! And here we are now, living in our own house with our 1 year old baby girl Livia, our dog Zorah and our rabbit Gaïa!!!

#3. I'm working at Mexx Canada. I'm a technical designer in the Youth dpt. I studied fashion design in Montreal and graduated 6 years ago.

#4. I have no brothers or sisters...I think it might have something to do with the fact that I want at least 2 kids...maybe 3...we'll see!

#5. I have 3 tattoos...and would maybe want more (My boyfriend wouldn't like to hear that though!) I've had them for quite a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggg time...If I remember correctly, I think I got the first one at 15!

#6. I totally LOOOOOVVVVE quilting...I just don't have enough time to work on all the projects I have in mind! (Ok, this is not a total secret, those of you who are following me on Pinterest  or have at least seen some of my pin boards are aware of this little obsession of mine! But since I haven't really talked about quilting on my blog yet, I thought it could be nice to share this with you!)

#7. And last but not least...I'm secretly dreaming of becoming a "momtrepreneur"! A girl can have dreams, right?!?!...God it would be nice!

And now, to share some more love, I get to nominate some of the blogs I enjoy reading! Enjoy!

Have a good night!
Talk to you soon!


  1. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for nominating me! What a fun idea!! I love it! I'll definitely have to pass the love on and nominate a few as well. PS- the fact that V&Co is on your list too (below me!) is making my night! that blog too, and have met her. She rocks! XOXO

    1. Wow Amy! Thanks for your comment, glad it made your night!
      Vanessa from V & Co is pretty amazing indeed, but let me tell you, you rock too! :)

      I totally love your blog, I discovered it when I got a little obsessed with quilting (it's quite new for me, I discovered this new passion during mat leave, about 6 months ago!!!)

      Take care!

  2. THanks so much Vanessa for nominating me! I have been neglecting my blogging for a while, but planning to come back and be more active this summer! Glad to have you on my team! :)))

    1. You're welcome Elvina! Your fabrics are simply AWESOME! Love them!
      Looking forward to read you this Summer! :)
      Take care!


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